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There are (as of June 24, 2012) 26 official maps in Age of Wulin CN. However, not all of them are opened yet. The following is a list of all 26 maps.

English Name Chinese Name Area Type
Valley of the Wicked 恶人谷 Northwest (西北)
Saibei Grassland 塞北草原 Northwest (西北)
Saiwai Great Desert 塞外大漠 Northwest (西北)
Thousand Lantern Town 千灯镇 Southwest (西南)
Tang 唐门 Southwest (西南) School
Emei 峨眉 Southwest (西南) School
Nianluo Dam 念罗坝 Southwest (西南)
Chengdu 城都 Southwest (西南) Major City
Xiangyang Slope 向阳坡 Southwest (西南)
Lingxiao City 凌霄城 Southwest (西南)
Shaolin 少林 Central Plains (中原) School
Wudang 武当 Central Plains (中原) School
Luoyang 洛阳 Central Plains (中原)
Jiwuyi 鸡呜驿 North China (华北) Major City
Beggar Sect 丐帮 North China (华北) School
Yanjing 燕京 North China (华北)
Fanhuang Plain 泛黄平原 North China (华北)
Penglai 蓬莱 North China (华北)
Sixteen Prefectures of Yan Yun 幽云十六洲 North China (华北)
Royal Guard 锦衣卫 North China (华北) School
Misty Rain Village 烟雨庄 Jiangnan (江南)
Scholar 君子堂 Jiangnan (江南) School
Blissful Valley 极乐谷 Jiangnan (江南) School
Plum Blossom Peak 梅花岭 Jiangnan (江南)
Suzhou 苏州 Jiangnan (江南)
Jinling 金陵 Jiangnan (江南)
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