Hunter (猎户) Edit



"On a horse, bow on your back, quiver full of arrows, bravely scouring the mountains, forests, wilderness, and valleys where few have been before, waging fierce battle against wild beasts. With swift and deft knife wielding, you bring back furs, skins, meats, and bones. These materials can be used not only for the tailor to create equips with, but also for the chef to cook with."

Life Skill Hunting
Masters Wang Yong (王勇) (城都 562, 941)
Map Icon Hunter Map Icon
Available for Purchase Tool (工具)

Skinning Knife (剥皮刀)

Hunting Knife (猎户刀)

Skin Slicing Knife (割皮匕首)

Decorated Skinning Knife (雕花剥皮刀)

Butchering Knife (屠兽匕首)

Beast Slaying Knife (猎兽匕首)

Other Useful Links

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Notes Don't forget to get the daily quest (from the disciple right next to the Hunting Master)!
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