Aim of This PageEdit

This page aims to guide you through the log in and character creation process.

Starting the Game UpEdit
  1. Double click the game icon on your desktop.
  2. A window will pop up, asking 'Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer?' Confirm that the program name is 九阴真经, and that the verified publisher is SuZhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. Press 'Yes.'
  3. This picture will pop up. Click on 确定 at the bottom right.Letter from Snail
  4. A screen like this will appear. Note that you can only create 1 character in every sub-server, and that your characters cannot cross over into other subservers! Choose a sub-server, and press 确定. (In case you didn't know, the colored dots indicate how full the sub-server is. Red is full, orange is busy, yellow is a lot, green is good, and grey is offline.)Server Selection
  5. Then this interface will appear. Press the big button that means 'enter game.'Enter Game

Logging InEdit
  1. This is the log in screen. Just log in and press 'Enter Game.' Something else will pop up, but just press 确定 (Confirm) again.Log In Screen
  2. For those who've already made a character, you will come to the character selection screen. However, as I've said earlier in this page, you can only make one character in every sub-server, and your characters cannot be accessed from any other sub-servers, so there is no character selecting going on.Character Selection

Character CreationEdit
  1. You will first come to the storyline selection screen. There are currently 4 to choose from. Each storyline entails a unique quest line, and also determines your original respawn point. As you can see, there may be storylines that limit your school choice or your gender choice that will come later on, but at the moment, all 4 available storylines have no such limitations.Storyline Selection
  2. Then you will come to the character creation screen. There's quite a lot of room for customization, so go nuts! If you really like the face that you created, you can even save it and open it again later on!Character Creation
  3. At the name input screen, you will realize that you cannot input an English name. That is because the game requires you to use a Chinese name. If you cannot input your own Chinese name, simply click the Randomizer button until you see one that you are satisfied with. Then click 'Confirm Creation.' (By the way, if you want to know more about Hundred Family Surnames (百家姓) that these names are based on, click here !)Name Input
  4. Then you're done! You will get to the character selection page (but there's no selecting available, of course). Just click 'Enter Game' and you'll be in! Happy playing!
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