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Age of Wulin CN (九阴真经)

Age of Wulin CN (九阴真经) is published by Suzhou Snail Electronics Co., Ltd. (also known as Snail Game) through the Woniu (蜗牛网) portal. The US version, also called Age of Wushu , is published by the Snail Games USA . The European version, called Age of Wulin - Legend of the Nine Scrolls , is published by gPotato . The Southeast Asian version, called Age of Kungfu , will be published by Cubizone .

Welcome to the Age of Wulin CN Wiki[]

Hopefully, this wiki will be where English-speaking players of Age of Wulin (CN) can store and share information. Even though most of us can't read Chinese, some of us can, and having somewhere to store all the answers would be great. Where there is Chinese in this site, it is there for reference, and you are very welcome to translate it if you can (no Google translate, please). Feel free to add information, translate any Chinese, or to correct any incorrect information! No trolling or posting of false information, please.

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Introduction Game Interface Application & Download Character Creation


Cubizone 《九阴真经》2011最具潜力网游巨作

Game Mechanics

Good (正派)

Wudang (武当)

Emei (峨眉)

Shaolin (少林)

Beggar Sect (丐帮)

Evil (邪派) Royal Guard (锦衣卫) Blissful Valley (极乐谷)
Neutral (中立) Tang (唐门) Scholar (君子堂)

Age of Wulin Official Trailer 2011

Life Skills
Collection (采集系)

Lumberjack (樵夫)

Fisherman (渔夫)

Hunter (猎户)

Miner (矿工)

Farmer (农夫)

Crafting (制造系)

Apothecary (药师)

Goldsmith (巧匠)

Chef (厨师)

Tailor (裁缝)

Blacksmith (铁匠)

Poison Expert (毒师)

Culture (文化系)

Calligraphy (书)

Zither (琴)

Chess (棋)

Painting (画)

Street Traits (市井系)

Fortune Teller (卦师) (VIP only)

Beggar (乞丐)


Age of Wushu Gameplay Trailer HD

Sword (单剑) Dual Sword (双剑) Knife (单刀) Dual Knives (双刀)
Short Staff (短棒) Long Staff (长棍) Dagger (匕首) Dual Thorn (双刺)
Dart (飞镖) Claw (飞爪) Bare Hands (徒手) Leg (腿)
Other Hidden Weapons (暗器

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